We offer exclusive degrees to help you further your career in Internet Marketing. Most successful people in Internet marketing today are the one's that had the opportunity to study with people that have already mastered the science and art that is known as Internet marketing. Currently, it is really hard to get access to industry experts and generally when you do, there is a pretty hefty fee associated with getting even a few minutes of their time. Fortunately for you, there is an option that you can pursue that will guarantee you access to industry experts.

Florida State Technical University’s online Internet Marketing Bachelor’s of Science Degree explores the constantly evolving world of integrated marketing and its role in steering the online power of successful 21st century businesses. The curriculum prepares you for the rapidly evolving field of online branding, e-commerce, search engine optimization (SEO), and the psychology of the online consumer.

Kaplan University will help you discover new ways to leverage technology with an emphasis in Internet Marketing. In this program you will cover everything from hardware and software platforms to how they can impact your SEO and PPC marketing efforts. In this program you will also gain access to how to properly use the available analytics tools to more effectively manage your internet marketing campaigns.

American Intercontinental University offers more degrees than many other online schools. Currently, they offer a bachelor's and master's degree in Marketing. Both degrees can help you secure high paying online marketing jobs or you can always choose to pursue promoting your very own sites and ideas. Either way both AIU's Marketing degrees will allow for success.